Course curriculum

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    1. Moving On from the Basics

    • Analysis of Cascading/Waterfall System and Farming Methods - and the Problem with Negative Keywords

    • Keyword Migration Across Campaigns - Should You Do It?

    • Honing Keyword Marketing Based off Search Term Conversion Rate

    • Creating Ads Based on Your Specific Objectives

    • Do You Need Ads When Your PPC Rank is Already Good?

    • Before Heading to the The Next Chapter...

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    2. Keywords & Keyword Research: Beyond the Basics

    • Keywords are Not Keywords - It's Time to Think of them Differently.

    • Using Reverse ASIN Keywords to Boost Organic Rank [ex-PPC Launch Course Lesson]

    • Targeting Longtail or Seed Keywords - their Pros & Cons

    • Targeting ASINs to Expand Your Keyword Alignment

    • How the Algorithm Retrieves Products During a Search & How This Can Create New Keywords to Target [ex PPC Launch Course]

    • Improving Algorithm Trust for PPC Targeted Keywords [ex Launch Course Video]

    • Foreign & Misspelled Words

    • How to Find Keywords - the Software I Use

    • Are Amazon Keywords the Same as Google SEO? Or, Do We Need to Think of Them in a Different Way?

    • Keyword Mapping in a State of Continuous Flux - What it Means for Your Listing - PART ONE

    • Keyword Mapping in a State of Continuous Flux - What it Means for Your Listing - PART TWO

    • Do Subjective and Objective Products Need to Be Considered Differently?

    • Keyword Weighting

    • What is the Optimal Number of Keywords per Ad Group and Why? [from the Beginners' Course]

    • Adding Your Brand Name to Keywords Using PPC

    • Using Reverse ASIN to Identify Multi-Page Ranking Issues - and What to Do If There's a Problem

    • Keyword for the Back End 250 Characters of Keywords Field

    • Creating an SEO Rich Canonical URL with 5+ Keywords [from PPC launch course]

    • A+/EBC Keyword Advantage (even if you don't have A) [from the PPC Launch course]

  • 4

    3. Scaling Your PPC Sales - Filling in the Cash Gaps

    • Finding the Gaps in Your Ads to Drive More Revenue

    • SPAs - Targeting the Right Keywords Across All Match Types, & Ad Types

    • SDAs - Targeting Competitor ASIN Successes Across SDA & PDAs

    • Longtail Keyword Groups

    • Scaling Using Campaign Budgets

    • Scaling Using Campaign Types

    • Scaling Your Brand Using the Search Query Performance Report

    • Scaling Your Business Using the Market Basket Analysis Report

  • 5

    4. Getting Cheap Sales

    • What is a Bargain Hunter Campaign?

    • What is the Idea Behind Bargain Hunter Campaigns - or, How are We Using the Algorithm to Do Our Work?

    • What Should You Do Once a Bargain Hunter Campaign has Begun to Get Results?

    • What if a Bargain Hunter Campaigns isn't Getting Impressions and/or Clicks?

    • Should You Bid Manage, or Budget Manage Bargain Hunter Campaigns Differently?

    • Real Life Bargain Hunter Evidence

    • Catch All AUTO Campaigns

    • Catch All AUTO Campaigns - Experiment - Video One

    • Catch All AUTO Campaigns - Experiment - Video Two

    • Catch All AUTO Campaigns - Experiment - Video Three [does duplication open up new keywords and asins?]

    • Cheap Ads using SDA VCPM Results Page Targets

    • Bargain Hunter Campaigns that Target ASINs

    • Drag handle to reorder lessons The Potential to Save Money by Changing the Word Order in a Keyword Phrase

  • 6

    5. Driving Traffic: Grab More Impressions, Clicks, & TOS Ranking - Tripled Keywords & More

    • What Are TOS & Dynamic Placement Campaigns, and How are They Different?

    • How to Choose the Right Search Terms to Target in a TOS Campaign

    • Can TOS Campaigns Compete with Regular Campaigns for the Same Keyword?

    • TOS - Is a Low Bid with a High Placement Percentage a Good Strategy?

    • TOS Campaigns - is it Better to Manage the Bid, the Placement Percentage, or Both?

    • Triple Indexed Keywords Part 1 [from the PPC Launch course - but relevant to established ASINs too]

    • Triple Indexed Keywords Pt 2 Hyphened Triples [from the PPC Launch course - but relevant to established ASINs too]

    • SBA Keyword Modifiers for Broad Match

    • Algorithm Featured Bullet Clustering as Part of the Retrieval Process [from the PPC Launch course - but relevant to established ASINs too]

  • 7

    5b. Triads [a mini chapter]

    • Triad Campaigns - Why You Should Try Them...

    • Triad Review and Notes

    • Triads - Targeting Family Group Search Terms or Converting Search Terms

    • Triads - What if the Search Terms Don't Match the Main Root of the Targeted Keywords?

    • Triads - Looking at the Story that the Data Shows to Alter Your Campaign Strategy

    • Building Up Sales Volume with Triads & Triples

  • 8

    6. Improving Organic Rank, Lowering TACoS, & the Power of Hyphens

    • Boosting Organic Rank by Using Hyphens [from the PPC Launch course - but relevant to established ASINs too]

    • Hyphened Keywords Revisited [from the PPC Launch course - but relevant to established ASINs too]

    • Check if your Backend 250 Search Terms are Contributing as they Should [and what to do if they aren't]

    • Grouping Longtail Keywords Together to Improve TACoS & Organic Rank

    • Creating Keywords from Your Best-Converting Search Terms

    • Targeting the Correct STs as Keywords to Improve Organic Rank

    • Taking Advantage of the Search Term Honeymoon Period

    • Improving Organic Rank & TACoS Overview

  • 9

    7. Techniques to Defend Your Brand & Products

    • PDA + SDA Defend the Ad Space on Your Product Pages

    • Targeting Search Terms with Your Brand Name in Them & Targeting New Keywords

    • Targeting Your Own Brand at the Category Level

  • 10

    8. Bid Management

    • What Happens to Your Ad Following a Bid Change?

    • Controlling ACoS by Using Campaign Budgets

    • Making Bid Changes in Phases

    • How is Each Campaign & Keyword is Contributing to the Whole?

    • Including Data Lag and Sales Attribution to Make Meaningful Decisions

    • Managing Low ACoS Keywords

    • Bidding on Variations is it Worth It?

    • Which Metrics Should Be Used to Make Meaningful Bid Changes?

    • Should You Target Single Keyword Campaigns - Why the Answer is Yes & No!

  • 11

    9. Negative Keywords - Friends or Foes?

    • When to Use Negative Exact and Negative Phrase Keywords

    • Quickly Identify Keywords to Use as Negative Phrase Match

    • The Danger of Clustered Keywords When Negative Matching

    • When to Use Negative Product Targeting

    • Does Using the Same Negative Keyword in an Auto Campaign and a Manual Campaign Cause Problems?

    • A Safer Way to Block Keywords and ASINs

  • 12

    10. Product Display Ads

    • Targeting the Right ASINs

    • Target ASINs in Groups of ASINs or Singular?

  • 13

    11. Sponsored Brand Banner Ads - Using Keyword Modifiers

    • SBAs with Keyword Modifiers and Triple Hyphened Modifiers

  • 14

    12. Sponsored Display Ads

    • SDAs - Targeting VCPM Reach, Views, & Conversions

    • SDAs - Contextual Targeting

    • SDA - Purchases Remarketing

    • SDA - Views Remarketing

    • SDA - Audience Targeting

    • SDA - Using Creatives [Taglines, Images, & Logos]

    • Understanding the Confusing VCPM Data Reporting in Ad Console

  • 15

    13. Understanding Amazon's PPC Reports - SPAs, SBAs, & SDAs

    • Intro to the Different Ad Campaign Reports

    • Search Term Reports - Understanding the Key Metrics

    • SPA Budget Report

    • SPA Campaign Report

    • SPA Gross & Invalid Traffic Report

    • SPA Performance Over Time Report

    • SPA Product Placement Report

    • SPA Purchased Product Report

    • SPA Search Term Share Impression Report

    • SPA Targeting Report

    • SBA - Attributed Purchase Report

    • SBA - Category Benchmark Report

    • SDA - Matched Target Report

    • Search Query Performance for Brand Report is moved to Brand Analytics Chapter

    • SPA - Advertised Products Report

  • 16

    14. The Main Brand Analytics Reports [Brand Registered Sellers Only]

    • Brand Analytics - Amazon Search Terms

    • Brand Analytics - Demographic Report

    • Brand Analytics - Market Basket Analysis

    • Brand Analytics - Search Query Performance Report

  • 17

    15. Brand Tailored Promotions [coming end of Nov 23]

    • Brand Tailored Promotions Advertising

  • 18

    16. Using Software to Help Manage PPC - The Do's & Don'ts

    • Using Software to Manage Your PPC

  • 19

    17. Answers to Common PPC Problems

    • Introduction to this Chapter

    • What to Check if there is a Sudden Loss of Sales

    • If My ASIN Ranks Well Organically Should I Stop PPC?

    • Why Does the Keyword Perform Worse When I Increase the Bid?

    • Why Aren't My Ads Showing?

    • What Should I Do When Running Low on Stock?

    • What Should I Do When Stock Returns?

    • Why Does the Same Keyword Perform Differently Across Different Campaigns?

    • What Should I Do When My BSR Suddenly Drops?

    • Why Are Manual Campaigns Performing Worse than Autos?

    • *I am Bidding More than Amazon's Suggested Bid but Ads don't Show, Why?

    • *ACoS is too High, What Do I Do?

    • *I've Moved a Keyword to a New Campaign - Why has the Performance Dropped?

    • *What to Consider When Keywords Suddenly Underperform

    • *How to Negative Match (or block) an ASIN?

    • *I'm Bidding Aggressively on Keywords but Organic Rank is not Improving, Why?

    • *Why, When I Increase the Daily Budget Does Overall PPC Performance Drop?

    • *Should I Give Poor-performing Keywords More Time to Improve?

    • *Are My Ads Competing Against Each Other? And Will This Drive Up the Cost of My CPC?

    • *How do I Achieve the "Highly Rated" Sponsored Ad Position?

    • *I am Bidding High but My Ads Don't Show at the Top of Search, Why Not?

    • *I Have Zero Impressions What Can I Do?

    • *How Can I Prevent My Ad Budget Being Used by Poor-performing Ad Groups?

    • *How Have I Lost the Buy Box When I am the Only Seller?

  • 20

    18. "How To" Videos [video lessons on specific subjects to refer back to]

    • Introduction to How To Videos

    • How to - Manage Poor Ad Performance

    • How to - Manage Profitable Search Terms

    • How to - Manage Unprofitable Search Terms

    • How to - Improve Zero Clicked Keywords & ASINs

    • How to - Improve Low Clickthrough Rate (CTR) Keywords or ASINs

    • How to - Identify Potential Click Fraud & What to Do About It

    • How to - Get the Best from High Conversion Rate Search Terms

    • How to - Bid Manage Keywords and ASINs Based on their Different ACoS Levels

    • How to - How to Identify Issues Caused by Keyword Density Problems in Ad Groups (Part 1)

    • How to - Overcome High ACoS Issues with Keyword Density Problems (Part 2)

    • How to - Understand If Keyword Over-optimisation is Causing You Problems - and What You Can Do About It

    • How to - Improve Keywords that Don't Index or Rank

    • How to - Make the Most of Newly Converting Search Terms

    • How to - Decide What to Do with Low Converting Search Terms

    • How to - Research Longtail Keywords of Converting Search Terms (for the Best Results)

    • How to - Manage Negative Keywords

    • How to - Know How Many Keywords to Have in a Campaign

    • How to - Manage Keyword Duplication - What Works & What Doesn't?

    • How to - Set Campaign Budgets to Scale Your Business

    • How to - Broaden Your Brand's Reach Using PPC if a Good ACoS isn't Your Main Objective

  • 21

    19. Thomo's Top Tips {added to regularly]

    • Using Campaign Names & Ad Group Names for Logging Activity

    • How to Read the Story of Your Campaigns

    • Optimise Campaigns for a Specific Event

    • Duplicating Keywords Before an Event

    • Experimenting with Price & BSR

    • Using Single Word Keywords in Ad Campaigns

    • Ad Campaign Budget Strategy for Faster Decision Making

  • 22

    20. Amazon PPC Changes for 2023 [Updated As they Happen]

    • Exact vs Expanded PDA ASIN Targeting.

    • Amazon Graph Metrics - the way forward?

    • SBAs - Now Exact Match are Not Exactly Matched!

    • Auto Campaigns Now Targeting off-Amazon Advertising

    • Dynamic Up & Down - the New Default Setting?

    • Filters Updating

    • Lots of Updates for October 2023 [you need to see this]

    • Product Trends - October 2023

  • 23

    21. Sundry Lessons

    • Intro to the Sundry Content Chapter

    • Data Mining - Competitor Content Keywords

    • Google & Other Search Engine Keywords

    • PPC to your Store/ Specific Store Pages, & your Brand

    • Could Amazon Live Grab You Extra Sales?

    • Amazon Posts - Use them While they are Free

  • 24

    22. Using Bulk Spreadsheets

    • How to Download a Bulk Spreadsheet

    • Where to Find the Portfolio and Campaign ID Codes? [see notes in description]

    • Using Bulk Spreadsheets to Create Multiple Ad Campaigns

    • Example Bulk Spreadsheet Template for Creating Multiple Ad Campaigns

    • What to Do if My Spreadsheet Won't Upload Without Errors or Warnings?

    • Adding Negative Keywords & ASINs via Bulk Spreadsheet

    • How to Create ASIN Target Campaigns with Bulk Spreadsheets

    • Bid Management Using Bulk Spreadsheets - Should I Do It? - short answer: NO

    • How to Use Bulk Spreadsheets to Change Multiple Campaign Names

  • 25

    23. Case Study

    • Introduction to this Case Study

    • Video 1 - Assessing the Account

    • Video 2a -The First Phase of Changes (Controlling Costs)- Part 1 of 2 videos

    • Video 2b -The First Phase of Changes - Part 2 of 2 videos

    • Video 3 - Beginning the Second Phase (Filling in the Ad Gaps): Initial Account Audit

    • Video 4 - The First Phase - Week 2

    • Video 5 - The Second Phase - Week 3 Part 1 of 3

    • Video 6 - The First Phase - Week 3 - Dealing with Variations [and moving on with the Third Phase: Listing Optimisation]

    • Video 7 - The Second Phase - Week 3 Part 2 of 3 - Auto Campaigns and Using Metrics from Old Ads

    • Video 8 - The Second Phase - Week 3 - Part 3 of 3 - Auto Campaigns

    • Video 9 - Review After the First Month of PPC Management

    • Video 10 - Recommencing Phase 2 - How I Do that and How I Fill the Advertising Gaps

    • Video 11 - Final Review 30 Jan 23

  • 26

    23b. Mini Case Study

    • An Example of a New Account that I have Worked on for a Month

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    Course Overview

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