Course curriculum

  • 2

    PPC Launch Week 1

    • First Ad Campaigns - Aligning the Right Keywords to the Algorithm

    • How to Find Keywords Fast

    • How to Find Primary Keywords

    • Using Reverse ASIN Analysis to Boost Organic Rank

    • Targeting Solution Keywords

    • Algorithm Keyword Clustering and How This Impacts Ad Strategies

    • Keyword Clustering Affecting Search Volumes In Keyword Selection

    • Algorithm Bullet Clustering During Search Retrieval

    • Keyword Targeting With Inventory Restrictions & When Budgets Are Low

    • Improving Algorithm Trust for PPC Targeted Keywords

    • How the Algorithm Retrieves Products During a Search & How This Can Create New Keywords to Target

    • Creating an SEO Rich Canonical URL with 5+ Keywords

    • A+/EBC Keyword Advantage (even if you don't have A+)

    • Variations Part One - A Deep Dive into Pros & Cons of Parent-child Listings

    • Variations Part Two - Parent-child Listings and How Best to Target them with PPC

    • Launch Quiz - Week 1

    • Overview of Week 1

  • 3

    PPC Launch Weeks 2 to 4

    • Triple Indexed Keywords Part 1

    • Launch Using Video Ads

    • How to Easily Create Videos for Your Amazon Ads for as Little as $10

    • How Does the Algorithm Decide Which Match Type to Activate Ads, and Do They Compete with Each Other?

    • Targeting Title Keywords

    • Targeting Content Keywords

    • Triple Indexed KWs Pt 2 Hyphened Triples

    • Organic Search Term Boost - Comparing Broad with Broad Hyphened Keywords

    • Using Broad to Farm Keywords

    • Negative Keyword Strategies

    • Getting the Algorithm to Map Your ASINs to Page 1 Competitors

    • ASIN Defense with SDAs

    • Key Metrics as Signposts to Ad Health

    • PPC Launches - Sales Attribution Lag

    • Using Auto Campaigns Correctly

    • Maximum Order Quantity

    • Getting Reviews

    • Launch Quiz - Weeks 2-4

    • Overview of Weeks 2-4

  • 4

    PPC Launch Weeks 5 to 12

    • Launch Using Search Term Conversion Rate

    • Using Unit Session Percentages to Focus Ad Spend

    • Making the Most of Your Keyword Successes

    • How the Different Ads Types Appear on Amazon

    • Sponsored Brand Ads Using Keyword Modifiers - Part 1

    • Sponsored Brand Ads Using Keyword Modifiers - Part 2 Triple Indexing with Hyphens

    • Boosting Organic Rank with Hyphens

    • Hyphened Keywords Revisited

    • Targeting Out of Stock and Low Stock Competitors

    • Keyword Targeting with Low Inventory and Low Budget

    • Non-competitor Same Audience Targeting

    • Are Duplicated Keywords a Problem - Is Deduplication a Worthwhile Strategy?

    • Efficacy of Dayparting

    • Big Budget Strategies

    • Top of Search and Dynamic Placement Bid Strategies

    • Misspelled and Spanish Keywords

    • PPC Launches Using 2-Step URLs

    • A Review of Helium 10's Gems for Creating 2-Step URLs

    • Using Amazon Launchpad to Boost Your Brand

    • Search Term Report Analysis to Determine the Right Direction

    • Final Launch Strategy Chapter - Ad Launch to Ad Maturity

    • FAQS - Common PPC Launch Problems

    • Launch Quiz - Weeks 5-12

    • Overview of Weeks 5-12

  • 5

    Bonus Chapter: Listing Optimisation

    • Listing Optimisation - Images

    • Listing Optimisation - Title & URL

    • Listing Optimisation - Bullets

    • Listing Optimisation - Descriptions

    • Listing Optimisation - Avatar

    • Listing Optimisation - Videos

    • Course Review

    • Listing Optimisation Quiz

  • 6

    Course Completed!

  • 7

    Earn 25% Commission - Become an Affiliate!

    • Make easy money...

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5 star rating

Advanced Strategies

Deborah Frow

There is such a variety of high quality, valuable information. As a new user, I can see how it will be very useful once I actually launch. I love that the s...

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There is such a variety of high quality, valuable information. As a new user, I can see how it will be very useful once I actually launch. I love that the sessions are kept to a shorter length; it helps me to easily find a topic and session that I want to revisit and keeps one's attention.

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5 star rating

Great info

andrew clarke

Definitely puts the thinking hat on

Definitely puts the thinking hat on

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